System Files

Only the latest versions of fbForth 2.0 software files are posted here.  If you need older versions, send me a message through the  Contact  option above.

There are two system files that fbForth 2.0 expects to find on DSK1 when it boots up.  These are the system blocks file, FBLOCKS, and the default font file, FBFONT.  If FBLOCKS is foiund, its creation date will be reported.  If it is not found, that fact will be noted.  If FBFONT is missing, the console font with its small caps for lower case will be loaded.  fbForth 2.0 will run normally without either file.

In addition to the two system files, the following ZIP file contains additional font and blocks files as well as several DSK image files with copies of all files.

          <---Updated 12DEC2018

New to this version of FBLOCKS

  • CFPMOUNT —This addition to the Compact Flash Utilities persists the mounted volume even after system reset