fbForth 2.0 Listing PDF

The complete Assembler listing for all four banks of fbForth 2.0:10 assembled with Cory Burr’s Asm994a 3.010 follows:


Each bank starts at 6000h and is less than or equal to 2000h bytes.  You will note that Bank 1 has code that is copied from 60F4h – 610Dh to Scratchpad RAM (832Eh – 8347h) and from 6142h – 6B47h to low RAM (3020h – 3A25h) and so may be difficult to follow.

Bank switching is accomplished using an inverted latching scheme, whereby “writing” to 6000h switches to Bank 3 rather than Bank 0.  The following table shows each bank with the address that, when written, selects it:

Bank Select
0 6006h
1 6004h
2 6002h
3 6000h